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    Hello @kielerboy, welcome to the community, I hope you've already played around with the kit and like it :) Have a nice day!
  2. Hello 👋 , nice to have you onboard. Hope you already found your way through the kit and started game deving 🙂
  3. @d4f2 sorry there was a problem with the validation script, it is fixed now. Have a nice day!
  4. New Systems Add custom currency system, which can be received by quest completion and can be used to by items from NPC. Bugs Fixes Fix: cannot request to bulk dismantle items from client. Fix: cannot request to bulk sell items from client. Fix: guild skill level not updated to clients after incresed. Fix: guild skill bonus not calculated. Fix: players can attack each other while map PVP mode is none. Fix: cannot consturct building by playing 2D game. Improvements Add options recoverMonstersWhenRoundEnd to BaseGameNetworkManager, if this is TRUE monsters will be recovered Add localPosition, localEulerAngles and localScale settings to EquipmentModel, so developer can model transform when equip equipment item. Add completeAfterTalked to QuestTask it will being used if taskType is TalkToNpc, if this is TRUE it will complete quest immediately when talk to Npc (and all tasks have to be done). Add MultiplayerARPG namespace to character save and relates data classes, also added type binder class (PlayerCharacterDataTypeBinder) to make it able to deserialize old saves correctly. Add imageRarity to UICharacterItem, use it to set Image component which you want to show rarity icon (Icon in ItemRefine game data). Make an UI drag and drop handler classes to be partial and overrideable.
  5. Add socketed item removal. Add Player Character Is to Npc Dialog Condition Type can use it with defined character class (Player Character game data) as condition to show Npc dialog menu. Add Talk To Npc quest task type. Add quest requirement (required level, character class (Player Character) and completed quests). Fix duplicating items when pick it up. Fix errors while using this asset with Odin inspector.
  6. Update LiteNetLib version to Fix wrong connection state detection. Fix LiteNetLibTransform calling teleport RPC while it was not already setup. Fix 8-Direction 2D not working.
  7. New Systems Add day-night time system, developer can create class which inherit from BaseDayNightTimeUpdater to implement how to update time of day (can see DefaultDayNightTimeUpdater class as example). To apply updated time of day in a scene (to update light color, light direction and so on), developer have to create new component to do it, can see SampleDayNightTimeApplyer class as example. Add guild war system, its rules is if any guild can occupy guild castle by destroy guild castle's heart other guilds characters will be expelled to respawn point then occupier guild have to defend the castle if occupier can defend the castle witnin a battle time (can changes in GuildWarMapInfo) they will win. Winner guilds (guild which can occupy or guild which can defend) will receives rewards, but it does not implements guild war rewards yet (Please wait next version). Bugs Fixes Fix wrong item was dismantled by bulk dismantle. Improvements Change BaseCharacterEntity's onDead to be UnityEvent. Change BaseCharacterEntity's onRespawn to be UnityEvent. Change BaseCharacterEntity's onLevelUp to be UnityEvent. Add DamageableEntity's onNormalDamageHit event. Add DamageableEntity's onCriticalDamageHit event. Add DamageableEntity's onBlockedDamageHit event. Add DamageableEntity's onDamageMissed event. VehicleEntity can receives damage, have to set canBeAttacked to TRUE then set its stats. Add BaseGameEntity's UpdateEntityComponents(bool) property which can be overrided to change condition to update entity components. And also use overrided it in BaseMonsterCharacterEntity to update entity components while it has subscribers only (try to improve performance). Allow to use same keys for entity activating, item picking up and vehicle exiting. Add MapNetworkManager's mapSpawnDuration it's map spawn request timeout duration, set it to 0 to unlimit. This is for requset from map server to central server. Add CentralNetworkManager's mapSpawnDuration it's map spawn request timeout duration, set it to 0 to unlimit. This is for requset from central server to map-spawn server. *Map-spawm workflow: Client talks to NPC -> Map-Server send map-spawn request to Central-Server -> Central-Server send map-spawn request to Map-spawn Server -> Map-spawn server start new map instance -> Map-spawn response to Central-server -> Central-server response to Map-server -> Character warp to the map.** Deleted Delete deprecated codes: CharacterStats -> armor and relates codes in other classes. LiteNetLibManager API Changes Move GameMsgTypes class out from class LiteNetLibGameManager, so codes like LiteNetLibGameManager.GameMsgTypes.Ping will be changed to GameMsgTypes.Ping. Move DestroyObjectReasons class out from class LiteNetLibGameManager, so codes like LiteNetLibGameManager.DestroyObjectReasons.RequestedToDestroy will be changed to DestroyObjectReasons.RequestedToDestroy. Change request/response API, now it's required to enable request/response by EnableServerRequestResponse, EnableClientRequestResponse functions. And also have to register request/response by RegisterServerRequest, RegisterServerResponse, RegisterClientRequest, RegisterClientResponse functions. If developers going to create request from client to server and do response at client, they have to register server request to read client's request then write response to send to client, and register client response to read server's response. Change LiteNetLibMessageHandler class name to MessageHandlerData.
  8. Generate attack stagger random seed at server then use it at client to make stagger random result at client same as server. Improve recoil by apply recoil force when playing attack animation enter apply damage part. Set character animations by left-hand (off-hand) weapon when right-hand weapon is not equipped. Fix MMO database management server not saving buildings. Fix MMO database management server not saving storage items sometime.
  9. Hello @DungDajHjep please make sure that you didn’t put in any extra spaces or # in your invoice number
  10. Hello @Hobo, is the problem still there? Since you are validated you should be able to see the tutorials section under
  11. Changes how DamageableEntity works, it will required DamageableHitBox, if there is no DamageableHitBox attached (on the same game object and childrend game objects), it will automatically attach DamageableHitBox on the same game object on awake. Changes how BuildingArea works, it will not implements IGameEntity and IUnHittable anymore, but it still will attach UnHittable component on start if building area is part of BuildingEntity to avoid aimming and hitting by damage entities. Fix ServerPickupNearbyItems not working and also add button to demo. Add ServerRepairEquipItems function to BasePlayerCharacterEntity and also add button to demo. Add shooting recoil, its settings is in item data's CrosshairSetting struct (Thanks moepi2k). MMO server codes will not be included in non-standalone builds (iOS, Android and so on), for standalone (PC/Mac/Linux) which you want to not includes server codes by add CLIENT_BUILD to Project Settings -> Scripting Define Symbols. Fix error when saving character data with MySQL while equipping two-hand equipments.
  12. Bugs Fixes Fix MissileDamageEntity and raycast damage not hitting DamageableHitBox (Then character won't receives damage). Fix wrong condition when using skills which required target.
  13. Change how to setup and use an RPC Change how to register RPC functions to use attributes ([ServerRpc], [AllRpc], [TargetRpc]). So register with function codes (RegisterNetFunction()) will be removed. This was applied to an entities classes. Change how to call RPC functions to use RPC() function (Changes CallNetFunction() to use RPC() function). I hope these changes, will makes it easier to understand codes for former UNET users. Bugs Fixes Fix ShooterPlayerCharacterController to avoid aimming to corpse to attack. Fix PlayerCharacterController and ShooterPlayerCharacterController to be able to select corpse to use resurrect skill. Fix ShooterPlayerCharacterController not update FOV when switch weapon while zooming. Fix wrong distance detection while entity attaches DamageableHitBox by attach UnHittable component to entity to make attack functions not include entity's colliders as hit target, will use hit boxes as hit target instead. Fix wrong distance between entities detection when use skills by uses physics overlapping. Fix wrong distance between entities detection when pickup items by uses physics overlapping. Fix wrong skill type filter condition when assign hotkey. Fix wrong functions name that were set in [InspectorButton] attributes. Fix ground detection not detect nearest ground position by change how to find ground position by set ray origin to above finding position, it was find ground position by set ray origin to finding position which sometime it won't work if ground is above finding position. Improvements Rename CharacterModelManager -> fpsModelOffsets to fpsModelPositionOffsets, use it to set FPS hand model position offsets to camera's transform. Add fpsModelRotationOffsets to CharacterModelManager component, use it to set FPS hand model rotation offsets to camera's transform. Add function to pickup nearby items. Now there is a function: OnClickPickupNearbyItems() in UIPickupItemList component which showing how to use it. Improve dismantle item function to be able to set amount of item. Add function to bulk dismantle items to BasePlayerCharacterEntity, add UIBulkDismantleItems for UI part. I also update demo UIs. Add function to bulk sell items to BasePlayerCharacterEntity, add UIBulkSellItems for UI part. I also update demo UIs. Add uiComparingEquipments to UICharacterItem, they will be shown when set UI's data while item data is equipment item. Add buttonName setting to UIToggler component to make it able to use button keys which set to Project Settings -> Input or InputSettingManager component to toggle UI. Can add CLIENT_BUILD to Project Settings -> Scripting Define Symbols to strips server codes when compile.
  14. Fix ShooterPlayerCharacterController cannot construct building entity. Fix AnimatorCharacterModel not play action animation when attacks or uses skill repeatedly.
  15. Fix database's caching data race condition issues. Fix MMO's map spawn server not spawns map server while notSpawnInBatchMode setting is false. Fix hosting player character entity's IsInSafeArea always true while controlling with ShooterPlayerCharacterController. Fix wrong weapon's fire stagger direction calculation.