MMORPGKIT Release 1.61

In Development




New Systems

  • Add custom currency system, which can be received by quest completion and can be used to by items from NPC.

Bugs Fixes

  • Fix: cannot request to bulk dismantle items from client.
  • Fix: cannot request to bulk sell items from client.
  • Fix: guild skill level not updated to clients after incresed.
  • Fix: guild skill bonus not calculated.
  • Fix: players can attack each other while map PVP mode is none.
  • Fix: cannot consturct building by playing 2D game.


  • Add options recoverMonstersWhenRoundEnd to BaseGameNetworkManager, if this is TRUE monsters will be recovered
  • Add localPosition, localEulerAngles and localScale settings to EquipmentModel, so developer can model transform when equip equipment item.
  • Add completeAfterTalked to QuestTask it will being used if taskType is TalkToNpc, if this is TRUE it will complete quest immediately when talk to Npc (and all tasks have to be done).
  • Add MultiplayerARPG namespace to character save and relates data classes, also added type binder class (PlayerCharacterDataTypeBinder) to make it able to deserialize old saves correctly.
  • Add imageRarity to UICharacterItem, use it to set Image component which you want to show rarity icon (Icon in ItemRefine game data).
  • Make an UI drag and drop handler classes to be partial and overrideable.