MMORPGKIT Release 1.60

Released 11/05/20


New Systems

  • Add day-night time system, developer can create class which inherit from BaseDayNightTimeUpdater to implement how to update time of day (can see DefaultDayNightTimeUpdater class as example). To apply updated time of day in a scene (to update light color, light direction and so on), developer have to create new component to do it, can see SampleDayNightTimeApplyer class as example.
  • Add guild war system, its rules is if any guild can occupy guild castle by destroy guild castle's heart other guilds characters will be expelled to respawn point then occupier guild have to defend the castle if occupier can defend the castle witnin a battle time (can changes in GuildWarMapInfo) they will win. Winner guilds (guild which can occupy or guild which can defend) will receives rewards, but it does not implements guild war rewards yet (Please wait next version).

Bugs Fixes

  • Fix wrong item was dismantled by bulk dismantle.


  • Change BaseCharacterEntity's onDead to be UnityEvent.
  • Change BaseCharacterEntity's onRespawn to be UnityEvent.
  • Change BaseCharacterEntity's onLevelUp to be UnityEvent.
  • Add DamageableEntity's onNormalDamageHit event.
  • Add DamageableEntity's onCriticalDamageHit event.
  • Add DamageableEntity's onBlockedDamageHit event.
  • Add DamageableEntity's onDamageMissed event.
  • VehicleEntity can receives damage, have to set canBeAttacked to TRUE then set its stats.
  • Add BaseGameEntity's UpdateEntityComponents(bool) property which can be overrided to change condition to update entity components. And also use overrided it in BaseMonsterCharacterEntity to update entity components while it has subscribers only (try to improve performance).
  • Allow to use same keys for entity activating, item picking up and vehicle exiting.
  • Add MapNetworkManager's mapSpawnDuration it's map spawn request timeout duration, set it to 0 to unlimit. This is for requset from map server to central server.
  • Add CentralNetworkManager's mapSpawnDuration it's map spawn request timeout duration, set it to 0 to unlimit. This is for requset from central server to map-spawn server.
  • *Map-spawm workflow: Client talks to NPC -> Map-Server send map-spawn request to Central-Server -> Central-Server send map-spawn request to Map-spawn Server -> Map-spawn server start new map instance -> Map-spawn response to Central-server -> Central-server response to Map-server -> Character warp to the map.**


  • Delete deprecated codes: CharacterStats -> armor and relates codes in other classes.

LiteNetLibManager API Changes

  • Move GameMsgTypes class out from class LiteNetLibGameManager, so codes like LiteNetLibGameManager.GameMsgTypes.Ping will be changed to GameMsgTypes.Ping.
  • Move DestroyObjectReasons class out from class LiteNetLibGameManager, so codes like LiteNetLibGameManager.DestroyObjectReasons.RequestedToDestroy will be changed to DestroyObjectReasons.RequestedToDestroy.
  • Change request/response API, now it's required to enable request/response by EnableServerRequestResponse, EnableClientRequestResponse functions. And also have to register request/response by RegisterServerRequest, RegisterServerResponse, RegisterClientRequest, RegisterClientResponse functions. If developers going to create request from client to server and do response at client, they have to register server request to read client's request then write response to send to client, and register client response to read server's response.
  • Change LiteNetLibMessageHandler class name to MessageHandlerData.