MMORPGKIT Release 1.59c

Released 10/12/20


  • Changes how DamageableEntity works, it will required DamageableHitBox, if there is no DamageableHitBox attached (on the same game object and childrend game objects), it will automatically attach DamageableHitBox on the same game object on awake.
  • Changes how BuildingArea works, it will not implements IGameEntity and IUnHittable anymore, but it still will attach UnHittable component on start if building area is part of BuildingEntity to avoid aimming and hitting by damage entities.
  • Fix ServerPickupNearbyItems not working and also add button to demo.
  • Add ServerRepairEquipItems function to BasePlayerCharacterEntity and also add button to demo.
  • Add shooting recoil, its settings is in item data's CrosshairSetting struct (Thanks moepi2k).
  • MMO server codes will not be included in non-standalone builds (iOS, Android and so on), for standalone (PC/Mac/Linux) which you want to not includes server codes by add CLIENT_BUILD to Project Settings -> Scripting Define Symbols.
  • Fix error when saving character data with MySQL while equipping two-hand equipments.