MMORPGKIT Release 1.56

Released 06/23/20


  • Fix character bouncing on water surface while LegacyRigidBodyEntityMovement  autoSwimToSurface set to TRUE.
  • Fix character bouncing on water surface while RigidBodyEntityMovement  autoSwimToSurface set to TRUE.
  • Fix building entities that were built inside safe-area won't receive damages.
  • Move gameplayCameraPrefab and minimapCameraPrefab from BasePlayerCharacterController to implemented classes (PlayerCharacterController/ShooterPlayerCharacterController).
  • Make only placeholder building owner character can build other building on the placeholder.
  • Make ItemDropEntity can be placed in the scene and also able to respawn after picked up by characters.
  • Add useOverrideStartPosition and overrideStartPosition to PlayerCharacter, uses them to change override start position when create new character.
  • Add pickup animation settings to an character model classes.
  • Add run animation settings to CharacterModel2D and AnimatorCharacterModel2D.
  • Add item repair dialog (UIRepairItem).
  • Remove dataId from building entity and save classes, will use identity's hashAssetId instead. For MMO developers who use MySQL, please import migration script: mysql_update_1.55d-1.56.sql.