MMORPGKIT Release 1.55c

Released 05/22/20


  • Add buildGridOffsets to PlayerCharacterController, will be used while buildGridSnap is TRUE to set constructing building by grid offsets and grid size.
  • Bring back old rigid body entity movement, it's LegacyRigibodyEntityMovement class. Can use LegacyRigidBodyEntityMovementConversion with its context menu Convert From New Rigid Body Entity Movement to convert new rigid body entity movement to old rigid body entity movement.
  • Add bounds to every game entity, just use it to detect entity within range for now.
  • Make HarvestableEntity overrideable.
  • Fix virtual axes inputs not reset when disable the joystick.
  • Move physics functions which has an similar functionality to physic function classes (PhysicFunctionsm PhysicFunctions2D).
  • Make character model able to set equipment model by instantiated objects (children objects). Can see how it work here.