MMORPGKIT Release 1.55b

Released 05/14/20


  • Update LiteNetLib to version
  • Don't notify reward gold and exp if the value <= 0.
  • Fix 2D action animation stopping after played a few times.
  • Fix passive skill's buffs not applies if the skill's start level is > 0.
  • Fix wrong move speed rate while using skill, while activate animation type is attack animation.
  • Fix monster attacking hidden characters.
  • Fix skill casting not stop after interrupted.
  • Fix cannot hold on building to see building options (PlayerCharacterController).
  • Fix area skills won't cast to aim position while controller type is WASD (PlayerCharacterController).
  • Improve chat box, don't highlight all text when press to enter messages.
  • Implement open character controller to RigidbodyEntityMovement, now slope limit is working

Additional Information

I also add context menu to set radius, height and center based on capsule collider settings. 4.png