MMORPGKIT Release 1.54f

Released 04/28/20


  • Improve mobile controllers.
  • Make GM Commands class to be scriptable object to make it switchable, other developers may crate class which extends from BaseGMCommands class and implement an functions (Can see DefaultGMCommands as example). Then can set created data to Game Instance -> Gm Commands.
  • Fix wrong ally/enemy detection logics, which make it find ally/enemy incorrectly.
  • Implement system chat channel, GM players can enter chat by command: /s {message}. Other player will see message without sender name.
  • Add "use button" events to UICharacterItem class.
  • Improve PlayerCharacterController. Now, while wasdLockAttackTarget is FALSE it will turn to enemy when press attack or use skill. And it won't clear selected target when press movement keys (WASD), it will deselect target when distance to target more than wasdClearTargetDistance value.
  • Move an events variables to (BaseCharacterEntity_Events.cs, BasePlayerCharacterEntity_Events.cs) to make it easier to find an events to implement with dev extensions or other classes.