MMORPGKIT Release 1.54c

Released 04/10/20


  • Add slot limit to UICharacter.
  • Fix invalid party and guild ally or enemy checking logics.
  • Change logging system, it will do Debug.Log in editor only. For the build, you have to use LiteNetLibManager.Logging.onLog to write log to screen or files.
  • Add pooling system for game effects, damageable entities and buff entities.
  • Add canUseByEveryone to StorageEntity and CampFireEntity to allow other players to use storage buildings.
  • Fix weird summoned monster entity's behaviors.
  • Make character entity turn to target while controlling with ShooterPlayerCharacterController.
  • Add moveSpeedRateWhileAttacking to MonsterCharacter game data.
  • Add configs to make cast skill animations and action animations can be played all layers.
  • Add BaseNpcDialog class it is NpcDialog's base class, you can create custom NPC dialog by inherit BaseNpcDialog class, then implements abstract functions (You may see NpcDialog as example). Then you may add codes to UINpcDialog by creates new partial class files which have an custom UI elements and implement RenderUI to render an custom UI elements.