MMORPGKIT Release 1.54

Released 03/12/20


  • Add and implement extra data to building save. For use case example, CampFireEntity will have an turn on state save as extra data.
  • Add context menu "Convert To Newer Character Model" to convert CharacterModel to AnimatorCharacterModel or AnimationCharacterModel.
  • Implement custom show condition to Npc's menu, developer can create custom show condition by scriptable object class with function which have a IPlayerCharacterData argument and return bool and can use it by create scriptable object instance and set to show condition.
  • Implement custom damage info type, developer can create class which inherit BaseCustomDamageInfo class and implements function. Then use it by create its instance and set to damage info.
  • Implement spawn entities progress events to BaseGameNetworkManager. So developer can set events callback to show spawn entities progress. And also change game save system function OnServerOnlineSceneLoaded to PreSpawnEntities to load and spawn building entities before spawn other entities.
  • Implement custom map info, developer can create class which inherit BaseMapInfo to set character ally and enemy rules.
  • Separate Google Play login codes from MMO repository, so developer must re-import MMO_GooglePlayLogin package.
  • Separate Facebook login codes from MMO repository, so developer must re-import MMO_FacebookLogin package.
  • Fix all language text not change immediately after chagne language.
  • Fix fall damage applying at clients.
  • Fix party/guild data losing when change scene (teleport to other maps) while playing Singleplayer/LAN mode.
  • Fix calling invalid function in BasePlayerCharacterController.cs -> ShowCurrentBuildingDialog.
  • Fix camera zooming while scrolling scrollview with middle mouse key while playing with ShooterPlayerCharacterController.
  • Fix equipments and buffs re-apply when mount and unmount.