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questions on code, extensions, saving, etc


First, wanted to say this is a very impressive framework.  I really like the reuse and how it can be single player, multiplayer, or MMO.

The user-level docs for configuring without code is good.
Could we get some more small samples or overviews of the code?

I'm interested specifically on the following:

  1. adding a new entity type that gets saved - I have the sql skills, but havn't had much luck tracing through to find the specific change points.  some specific classes or methods to follow would be good.  For buildings, it looks like some serialization is also happening?
  2. differences between saving to a map, vs saving to a character?
  3. example / guide / touch-points to see how to add a new UI prompt as the result of a server item action
  4. For some of the entity classes, I see a DataID field - not sure what this means or how it gets assigned/setup?




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Hey Arakon,

you might want to validate yourself on the board (enter your invoice number in the profile), after which you get additional access to other forums and tutorials, which maybe help you out with your questions.

PS: Moved this to the right section

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