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    • Hello community, 

      i would like to announce that we now have a FAQ system. If you want to contribute and add a question to the collection just head over to the FAQ page and hit the "New Question" button. Put in the question and answer and select the corresponding category.  Once the question is approved by the team, the new question will be visible for all

      Have a nice day,


    • Hello everyone!

      Today we are officially announcing the launch of MMORPGKIT Community forums. Please feel free to start posting and sharing content. And be sure to let everyone know that we exist!

      Also, here's some context for those who are just now joining us: Our main purpose here will be to provide the community with an alternative platform to exchange information and support about the kit.

      We predict the start to be slow for us due to our lack of content and publicity, but you can change that by participating! Anyone who is interested in helping out by writing tutorials or advertising for us, please contact me here or via Discord.

      Thank you and happy developing,